About Lessette

As an opening act for the likes of Vickie Winans, Twinkie Clark and a host of others, Lessette Kornegay is no foreigner to music. Raised in Kinston, North Carolina and the youngest of 6 children, she followed in her father’s musical footsteps.

Lessette shares her love for God and her experiences through the launch of her 1st gospel CD entitled, "After the Storm"; which is inducted into the Kinston Neuse Public Library's permanent collection. Her formal training as a gospel singer came from her father, Mr. John F. Cox. Mr. Cox was very familiar with gospel; he founded and managed a gospel group and did opening acts for gospel greats such as Shirley Ceasar.

“From a child I was always interested in singing. I also learned a lot by looking at TV, actors and singers. I love country music. I love all music.” Her love for music ranges from Aretha Franklin to Tina Turner and Elvis Presley, “I always wanted to meet Elvis Presley when I was young”... “Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner sing from their heart.”

Making guest appearances on a number of broadcasts, events and shows, charismatic recording artist, Lessette heals and inspires listeners through her voice. Her music is a unique combination of Contemporary Gospel, Jazz and Country – fit for a wide array of audiences. She was awarded the 2014 WIDU Carolina's Best Vocalist with Kim Burrell being the guest judge. She is also an honoree in the state recognized African American Music Park in Kinston, NC.  Lessette’s spirituality extends beyond her gospels tunes, into her church in which she and her husband Clarence Kornegay are elders.

In addition to her impeccable voice, Lessette is gifted in yet another area – painting. Her paintings have been featured in various newspapers, art galleries and shows. Lessette received her Bachelor’s in Painting and Drawing at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. Her father is also instrumental to her success as an artist, “I do portraits, I see art in everything; art is in everything.”

As for designing jewelry - she has a business called Dove’s Creations, “I love doing one-of-a-kind pieces,” Lessette shares. It should be noted that she did all of the background in her music and wrote all of the songs; Leander Tate produced the songs.

Lessette’s CD can be purchased at Amazon.com and iTunes. And all major digital online retailers. She can also be found on Facebook at Lessette Kornegay.